Three DIY Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bugs are difficult to notice in the home because they are so small and stay well hidden. However, if you do notice them, which you might once they become out of hand, you will want to take some steps to remove them from your home. The most obvious sign is waking up with bug bites. You might also notice a really tiny bug crawling around at some point, which could be a bed bug. While the best option is to hire professional pest control, you may just be able to take care of the problem yourself with these three DIY bed bug treatments:

  1. Launder the Bedding: First, you want to launder all the bedding in the home. This includes pillows, bed sheets, and blanket throws. Be sure to wash it in warm water with soap and also dry them, which can help kill bed bugs, as well. Bed bugs won't be able to survive this process. When you take the bedding to the laundry room, be sure to carry it in a hamper that has nothing else in it and then rinse it down with warm water outside to kill any bed bugs that might be inside. 
  2. Clean the Mattress: When the bedding is in the wash, you are going to want to move onto cleaning your mattress, which also includes cleaning the bed frame and the underside of the bed. The first step is to vacuum the mattress and all the cracks and crevices around the bed and bed frame, then move the bed to vacuum the flooring underneath. Once you are done, dump the vacuum bag outside and then wrap your mattress in a bed bug proof encasement, which prevents any bed bugs that are still inside the home from being able to use your mattress as a home. You can also use a bed bug spray at this point to spray down all areas around your bed to kill any bed bugs left behind. 
  3. Remove and Wrap Other Household Belongings: Next, you are going to want to remove any other belongings in the house that the bed bugs can hide in. Of course, if you'd prefer not to get rid of it, the next best thing would be to wash and wrap in plastic until the bed bugs are completely removed from your home. This includes belongings, such as stuffed animals, dog beds, pillows, blankets, and more. 

With these three DIY bed bug treatments, you can be sure that you are close to removing the bed bugs yourself. Of course, this requires a great deal of time and attention. If you would prefer it be done quickly, you can always hire professionals. You can even combine some of the DIY treatments with professional treatments to ensure an even more effective removal.  

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