Use These Ant Control Strategies To Rid Them From Your Home This Season

Ants are major nuisance pests that can quickly turn into a serious issue if they invade your property in large numbers. Although ants commonly live outdoors, you may discover them entering your home in search of food and water. Alternatively, large colonies of ants may pose a hazard for your children and pets as they play in the yard. When you discover ants, use these strategies to take action right away to prevent them from turning into a larger problem.

Identify the Type of Ant

One of the most critical aspects of ant control is to identify the specific type of ant that you are dealing with. Typically, sugar ants are small black or brown ants that come into your kitchen. You may notice a trail of them coming from an entry point, such as a window that leads to a food source. Pavement ants tend to be found outside near driveways and sidewalks, and carpenter ants invade the wood sources in your home. Knowing the type of ant that you are dealing with allows you to choose the best treatment method.

Eliminate Attractants

Like most pests, ants are mainly attracted to water and food. Make sure to keep crumbs and liquid spills cleaned up around your home, and pay attention to areas that are often neglected such as the back corners of pantry shelves. Outdoors, you should keep moisture levels down. Always repair outdoor plumbing leaks and use caution to avoid allowing water to pool around your house. If your house has an outdoor kitchen, then take care to keep this area free of food debris as well.

Protect the Exterior of Your Home

Pest control for ants often begins by treating the exterior perimeter of your house where the insects tend to congregate. In addition to professional treatments, you can help keep ants away from potential entry points by trimming back shrubbery that is close to the exterior walls. You will also need to inspect the outside of your home for entrances such as cracks around the windows or beneath doors that can be sealed to keep ants outside.

Although discovering a trail of ants indoors or a large mound outside your house is disconcerting, these common pests are easily treated by taking a full-on approach to ant control. While a professional treatment from a place like Be There Pest Control will get rid of ants quickly, you can also do your part by implementing strategies that keep ants at bay in the future.