3 Interesting Facts About Mouse Glue Traps

Cleaning and maintaining your home will ensure it is clean and healthy, but pests may still enter the home at times. Spiders, beetles, cockroaches, and gnats are unappealing house guests that you will want to prevent. However, the presence of mice and other rodents can be incredibly overwhelming due to the potential health dangers. Mice carry a large variety of infectious diseases, so it is even more important to prevent them from affecting your family. Glue traps are one of the most common methods use to catch and kill mice, but most people are not entirely sure how they work. Here are a few interesting facts about mouse glue traps you need to know.

No Poison Involved

Before you understand how the glue traps work, you need to learn how they are constructed.

The traps feature a solid base, which is basically a plate that will be placed on the ground where you believe mice are in the home.

A glue-like residue covers the top of the base. A small bait to attract a mouse is placed on top of the glue. While there is a great deal of glue, no poison is used on these traps.

Mice Will Die

Since there is no poison used in these traps, you may be surprised to learn that a mouse will still die. Unfortunately, it may take some time for the mouse to die, which causes many people to feel they are torturing the rodent. Here are a few ways the mouse may die once it is stuck in the glue trap:

  • Panic – Some mice may actually panic and have a heart attack once they become stuck on the glue trap.
  • Suffocation – In some instances, the mouse's nose will get stuck on the glue, reducing its ability to breathe. This leads to a death by suffocation.
  • Starvation – The mouse may be stuck on the glue trap for a long period of time, preventing it from eating, which leads to starvation.
  • Severe Injury – If the mouse attempts to get free from the glue, they may suffer a serious injury. Many mice have been known to break their necks in an attempt to pull off from the sticky residue.

Alternatives are Available

It is important to note that glue traps are not the only options available for catching mice in your home. Standard taps that have a spring-loaded metal piece are capable of killing the mouse instantly.

Electronic traps are also options to consider. These traps attract a mouse into a box using bait and quickly shock the mouse, killing it instantly.

Glue traps may be popular choices for many homeowners, but they do require proper understanding. This guide will give you a better insight into glue traps and if they are the right answer for your rodent problem. Contact an exterminator, like Xtermco Inc, for more help.