Get Rid Of Your Bed Bugs So You Can Sleep In Peace Again

Bed bugs can cause you a lot of grief and lost sleep. Their bites often itch intensely and leave ugly welts on your skin. Just the thought of bugs crawling in your bed and drinking your blood at night is enough to cause you to lose sleep. It often takes multiple approaches and attempts to get rid of the pests, even when you call in a pest control expert. Here are a few suggestions for getting rid of these extremely annoying bugs.

Call In A Pest Control Professional

The quickest way to get rid of an infestation is to call in a professional and begin treatment while the infestation is small. Professionals have various means of removing bed bugs such as freezing them, killing them with heat, and using pesticides. All of these methods are effective and each has its pros and cons. Some treatments are even used together, such as applying pesticide after a heat treatment. Since the bugs go through different life stages, multiple treatments may be required. Even after the bugs are all gone, the pest control company may apply pesticide as a method of prevention against another infestation.

One thing to remember is that bed bugs have become resistant to many types of pesticides, so buying them over the counter and using sprays and bombs yourself probably won't work and you may just contaminate your space. This is one reason professional help is usually needed.

Clear Out Hiding Places

The bed bug removal company you choose will probably have a list of things you'll need to do before your home is treated for the bugs. This is necessary so the treatments will have the best effect. One of the most important steps is to clear out clutter so bugs have fewer places to hide from the treatments. Most of the bugs are probably living near your bed, so clearing clutter out of your bedroom is essential. Once clutter is thrown out or sealed in plastic bags, you'll need to prep your bed and your clothing.

A quick way to remove many bugs at once is to suck them into a vacuum cleaner. Use the wand attachment and pull as many bugs as you can from the bed frame and mattress. Also, vacuum thoroughly around the bed. You may also need to bag and then wash your clothing or at least run them through a hot dryer. The bed bug removal specialist will let you know what you need to do since preparations vary according to the type of treatment you receive.

Apply Desiccant Around The Room

One type of pesticide treatment that still works on bed bugs is the desiccant. This includes products made from boric acid and diatomaceous earth. The bugs don't have a tolerance to these because they are not poisons. Instead, they dehydrate the bugs to kill them. Your pest control company may apply desiccant in electrical outlets and other tight places since it is a powder that can be squeezed into tight cracks and it is dry rather than a liquid.

You can also apply desiccant yourself as long as you buy the right kind. Read the label and buy desiccant designed to kill bugs because this type is safe for you to use if you follow the instructions. Regular application of desiccant could kill off any bugs that remain after treatment and keep an infestation from coming back.