Three Tips For Combating A Mouse Issue

When mice become a problem for your home, it is necessary to take some proactive steps to address this issue. Otherwise, the mouse issue will continue to worsen, which can make it harder to address while increasing the damage that the property sustains. For homeowners that are wanting humane options for battling a mouse problem.

Consider Live Traps

It is often assumed that lethal traps or poisons will be the best option for eliminating mice. Yet, there are many people that may have personal issues with using these potentially cruel options. Luckily, there are live trap options that you can use to humanely trap the mice so that you can safely and effectively address this issue. When you use these traps, you will need to be mindful of where you release the mice so that they do not immediately return to your house. As you are looking to release these pests, you should transport the trap as far from your home as possible to prevent them from being able to easily find their way back.

Use Rodent Repellents

A key approach to managing a rodent problem will be to make the house as unattractive as possible to these pests. To this end,  you should look to apply rodent repellents throughout the home and around the property. These repellents will often mimic the scent of predators, and this may cause the mice to avoid the area to reduce the risk of being hunted. While these repellents are often extremely effective, they will degrade over time, and you should consider retaining a pest control company to regularly get rid of mice from your property for the best results.

Understand The Factors That Will Attract Mice

Homeowners will often fail to fully appreciate the range of issues that could contribute to attracting mice to the property. While these homeowners may appreciate the need to keep the interior of the house clean, they may overlook the need to keep the area around their garbage bins clean and sanitized. Furthermore, puddles of standing water can also work to attract mice to your property by providing them with a source of moisture. To help you with making your property unattractive to mice, you can have a pest control expert perform a thorough analysis of your property that will focus on reducing the factors that will attract these pests. Paying for this type of evaluation can be a small price to pay for having an accurate understanding of the areas of your property that are contributing the most to your rodent problems.