Termites Can Still Be A Problem Even During The Winter

Termites are a problem that homeowners must grapple with all year round. Many homeowners mistakenly believe that they do not have to worry about termites in the winter, but this isn't the case. Winter is when termites are busy breeding. If something is not done about them, you will have a bigger termite problem come spring. 

Termite Life During The Winter

In more temperate climates, termites tend to move deeper underground when the weather cools. You will not see as much activity, but as long as the termites have access to food and water, they will continue to thrive. Also, termites who can keep warm in a heated building are able to easily continue their activities all year round. They will consume the foundation and walls of your home throughout the winter.

Signs Of Termites

Because termites are even a threat during the winter, always check your home for signs of termite damage. Rather than seeing the large mounds and termite swarms you may see during the summer, you will instead have to look for damaged wood and mud tunnels. Even if you find mud tunnels, this doesn't mean that the termites are currently active. A professional will need to break open the tubes and inspect them to determine if they are still used by the termites.

Winter Termite Treatment Options

One common way to stop termites is to add a liquid termiticide. These are designed to create a barrier that will prevent termites from entering your home. Often, some drilling is needed so that you can then add the termiticide. If you have a crawlspace, the liquid termiticide can simply be drenched around your home to prevent the termites from reaching under the crawlspace. However, applying a termiticide near the outside perimeter of your home might be more difficult with snowy weather conditions.

Another technique is to insert poisoned bait into the ground. Termites will feed on the wooden stake and are then poisoned by the pesticide placed inside the stake. Not only this, but stakes can act as a preventative measure when you believe there may be termites, but are not sure. The stake can be used as evidence that your property has termites. 

The best way to find out if you have termites is to hire a termite extermination service. Only an expert can perform an inspection that is thorough enough to verify whether you have a termite infestation. Companies like EMCO Pest Control can help.