How To Keep Flies Out Of Your Restaurant

You'll probably agree that flies are among the most annoying pests. They aren't shy about crawling over your skin or food. They can be very persistent when they're drawn to you and shooing isn't enough to make them stay away. While flies are annoying outdoors or when you're on a picnic, they are a serious problem when you operate a restaurant. When the pests fly around your store, land on customers, or crawl on food, they can drive your customers away and give you a bad reputation. Here are some tips for controlling flies in your restaurant.

Call A Commercial Pest Control Expert

Unlike other pests that stay under cover and avoid humans, flies make themselves highly visible and annoying, so they must be dealt with quickly. The best way to do that is to call in a commercial pest control professional. Spraying pesticides isn't enough to keep out flies. You probably already have ongoing pest control treatments to keep rats and roaches out of your building. Since flies travel through the air, they may not come in contact with residual pesticides. That's why you may need additional treatments that specifically target flies and don't rely on insecticides, although insecticides can also help control the problem. A professional will identify the type of flies giving you trouble and hunt down the reason they are multiplying. Then, treatment methods can be implemented.

Locate The Breeding Grounds

Flies multiply quickly. If you suddenly have flies everywhere, something has changed in your environment. It's possible there is a dead rat inside the building or a dead raccoon outside that you don't know about that is attracting flies. The garbage dumpster outside could've been moved closer to the building or it may have developed a strong odor that flies find attractive. Flies are generally attracted to rotting food, dead animals, or feces. Even problems with a busted pipe that's leaking sewage or kitchen waste under your building can attract flies. Identifying the source is important so the breeding ground can be eliminated.

Maintain Sanitary Conditions

Your kitchen must be clean to pass inspections anyway, so you want to keep the area as clean as possible to get rid of any food odors that attract flies. Drains, docks, and storage areas are likely culprits since small bits of food and crumbs can fall into cracks and rot. Clean these areas routinely to eliminate odors. Enzyme cleaners break down organic matter to get rid of odors rather than just cover them with strong chemical smells. Your pest control expert may provide you with enzyme cleaners for your drains and floors. You'll also want to take out trash as it accumulates and keep the garbage cans clean. Rotating your food stock is also important because food such as overripe bananas will draw flies.

Install Fly Traps And Fans

Your building probably has an exclusion plan in place to keep out rats and bugs. This entails sealing tiny cracks around the outside to keep bugs from getting in. This is important for keeping out flies as well, but since these pests can fly indoors every time a door opens, you'll need other treatments to keep them under control. Fans on loading doors can act as wind barriers that keep flies from coming inside. For flies that get in, you can have fly traps installed. These emit light that attracts flies, and once they fly to the light, they become trapped and can't be back out.

When you own a restaurant, it's a good idea to implement fly control measures before you have a problem, but you'll definitely need to take quick action once flies arrive on the scene. A professional exterminator can get rid of the problem quickly, and that's an important goal when your reputation is on the line. Flies not only turn off customers, they can also lead to inspection violations that further damage your reputation in the community.