Identifying A Mouse Problem In Your Home And How To Evict The Pests

Mice are pests that can hide so well in your home that you may not even know that you have a problem until it's a really big problem. A mouse may look cute and harmless, but add his entire family and all of his friends and that harmless mouse turns into a health issue for you and your family. Mice carry diseases and fleas, and can leave behind messes wherever they go, which can leave bacteria behind in areas such as pantries or food prep areas. Identify a problem before it turns into this and learn how to evict them from your home below.

Identifying A Rodent Problem

Take a look around your home, look deep inside your pantry, under your oven or refrigerator and in other areas of your home for mice feces. Mice feces look like a little like brown sprinkles. If you spot just a few around your home, you may not have a big problem, but definitely have a rodent somewhere in your home. If you notice a lot of these "sprinkles" around, you could have an infestation. 

Listen in the quiet of the night for movement in your home. Mice move around at night, as they are fairly nocturnal. Look around at night if you hear anything and use a flashlight to inspect areas where you may have spotted feces. 

If you've spotted mice out in the open and during the day, you could definitely have an infestation. Mice will usually avoid people, so if they're out in the open while you're in the room, it could be a problem.

Evicting Mice From Your Home

To start, you need to figure out where the mice are coming in from. You can start killing the ones in your home, but you're still going to have a problem until you seal their entryways. Take a look around your house in the interior and the exterior for entry points. Make any necessary repairs to these areas. If you have an attached garage, look for any entrances there as well. Doorways and windows are easy ways for mice to get inside, so if you don't have these sealed properly, you should make repairs to these areas.

Clear rubbish near your home such as leaves piled closely to your home or dead flowers and other landscaping that could be housing mice close to your home. Remove garbage inside your garage and keep all garbage cans away from your home. Keep dog food and other food or seeds in air-tight containers.

Mice are disease ridden rodents that can wreak havoc on your home. Get rid of these pests before they infest your home and take over. Call a mice extermination specialist for help if you cannot get rid of the mice in your home.