Having Your Home Inspected For Pests And Setting Up A Prevention Plan

No one likes bugs or insects in their home but depending on where you live there are some that are harder to keep out than others. If you are having a problem with insects in your home finding a local pest control or extermination service is the first step. In some cases, a small, local pest control company may offer better service than one that is very large because they know what kinds of insects are a problem in your area.

Getting An Inspection

If you suspect you have a problem with insects in your home start by getting an inspection of the home. Pest control service will come out to your home and look at all of the problem areas that they know insects can hide in. If you have been seeing a specific type of insect in your home regularly let the inspector know what you're seeing and where you're seeing it. This will help them better concentrate on the areas of concern and find problems more quickly. Sometimes, however, seeing ants in your kitchen might not mean the problem is the kitchen area. The inspector will know how to follow paths and where to look for insects and colonies.

Treating Your Home

Once the inspector has determined the problem insect or insects, they can determine the best way to treat your home. In some cases simply spraying around the inside and outside of the home may be enough to resolve your problem. In other cases, baits and or poisons might be required in order to remove the pests from your home. Make sure to let your inspector know if you have animals or small children in the home because that can affect what kinds of treatments will be applied. More and more pest control companies are using treatments that are safe for kids and animals but if that is concerned for you make sure to ask about what they're using and explain why you're concerned.

Setting Up A Prevention Plan

Once your home has been treated and the pest removed, setting up a prevention plan to keep them from coming back is important. The technician from pest control company may recommend monthly treatments or treatments at some other interval to keep the pest from returning. In many areas of the country, monthly pest control is this common as having cable tv or electric service to your home. If you live where there are pests, you can either learn to live with them or set up some form of preventive service to keep them out completely. While not every means of prevention will work with every insect or past, working with a local company, like Environmental Services Pest Control, can offer the advantage of technicians understanding what will work best for the pests in your area.