3 Ways To Clear Rodents From Your Property

Rodent control is a very important thing for the majority of homeowners, as an unchecked rodent infestation can do a lot of damage to the average home. Here are three ways to clear rodents from your property.

Make Sure To Contain Or Remove Food

The simplest way to clear rodents from your property is to make sure that there is not anything that is easily accessible for those rodents to find and eat. For example, if you keep food in your cabinets in cardboard boxes, consider putting them into airtight containers to make it much harder for the rodents to actually locate and get into.

This also applies to any foods that you tend to leave in bags, such as cat food or dog food, because rodents will end up flocking to those foods and take up residence in your home. Additionally, if you do have pets make sure that you do not leave the cat or dog food out all day, as this will very much attract rodents due to both the scent and how accessible the food is.

Make It Difficult For The Rodents To Find Nesting Grounds

You will also want to make it difficult for any rodents to find safe and hidden nesting grounds to begin breeding. As a result, take steps to remove clutter from your garage, attic, storage shed, or any other area of your home that has a lot of clutter that can be used by the rodents as a place to hide. If a rodent can find a place to hide and feel secure, they will inevitably end up nesting in that area and will create an infestation in your home.

Make Use Of Ultrasonic Rodent Repellents

If you already have a rodent infestation or live somewhere that is prone to rodent infestations, consider making use of ultrasonic rodent repellents. These devices are intended to emit a sound that most people and pets will not be able to hear but that is considered to be extremely unpleasant for rodents and can often drive them away from your property. The nice part about this device is that it can be used to target a number of different insects as well, in order to protect your property from a lot of potential infestations.

Clearing rodents from your property does not have to be an extremely difficult task, as there are quite a few ways to prevent an infestation and there are rodent control services available to assist you. You can visit sites such as http://www.craigandsons.com for more information. In order to clear rodents from your property, make sure to contain or remove food, make it difficult for the rodents to find nesting grounds, and make use of ultrasonic rodent repellents.