2 Tips For Naturally Keeping Bees From Invading Your Next Deck Party

If you are hosting an upcoming deck party at your home, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to keep nearby bees from inviting themselves and swarming around your guests and food. If so, try one or more of the following ways to naturally keep bees from invading your next deck party

1. Hang Clove Sacks around the Perimeter

One way to keep bees away from your outdoor gathering is to hang clove sacks around the perimeter of your deck. The strong, pungent odor drives the bees away, preventing them from ever reaching your deck.

To make the clove sacks, buy three or four pairs of cheap pantyhose. If you want to make the clove sacks more festive, try to find pairs that closely either match the colors of your house or complement the ones in your party's theme.

Cut each foot of the pantyhose off about four inches above the toes. Then, fill the foot with whole cloves, tie a knot in the opened end, and hang them around the perimeter of your deck. If you do not have any cloves or prefer not to use them, an alternative is to stuff the pantyhose with mothballs.

2. Create a Distraction 

Another method for keeping the bees from being attracted to the scrumptious food you are cooking is to create a distraction away from your deck. Giving the bees a sweet alternative before they reach the party can keep them busy, making it less likely that they will be interested in what you are serving.

Make a distracting dish by cutting the tops off of several two-liter bottles and placing a banana peel inside each one of them. The fruity fragrance from the peels attract the bees with the promise of a delicious snack.

To sweeten the offering, fill the bottoms with sugar water made from a half of a cup each of warm water and table sugar. Also, coat the exterior of the bottles with sugar water to further entice the bees. Place the bottles at equidistance locations around your deck so they will be tempted to feast on the contents instead of your party foods.

Using the above tips can help keep swarms of bees from ruining your next deck party. However, if you notice an increase in the bee population around your deck even when you are not hosting a party, contact your preferred bee control services to discuss your options for eliminating the problem.