Types of Bothersome Pests You May Deal With

In some regions, you may have to worry about more than those little pests that can interfere with your true enjoyment of your home, such as ants and flies. You can also find yourself dealing with those medium-sized pests as well, such as racoons and skunks. In some regions you can even find yourself worrying about very large pests like deer, bears, and mountain lions. This short guide will offer you some tips on dealing with all three types of pests.

Protecting your home from small pests

The number one way to prevent small pests like ants, bed bugs, roaches, and flies from coming in your home is to make sure your home is as sealed up as possible. This can be difficult since a house has so many areas where there can be little cracks. But start by sealing up areas around plumbing fixtures and making sure your window screens are undamaged and fit correctly. Put bait traps in areas where you think ants or other bugs may be able to access.

Protecting your property from medium-sized critters

If racoons, skunks, rabbits, and other medium-sized critters are a concern, then you want to be sure you don't have any junk piles lying around that they can nest in. You also want to have a locking lid on your trash can. Don't leave pet food outside all night, and don't feed the birds. Use motion-activated sprinklers to scare them off. Also, keep your trees trimmed and make sure your trees don't have branches that come close to the roof of your home. Pick up fruit from your trees right away. And finally, lock your doggy door at night, or you can wake up to a surprise, and it could be a skunk.

Protecting your property from large pests

If you are dealing with large wildlife, you may want to spray predator urine around your property. Have a tall fence installed around your property. Have motion-activated lights and sprinklers in place. Just as with the medium critters above, don't leave any food sources outside.

Whenever you are dealing with a pest that you just can't seem to get rid of,  you should always contact a pest control company. They can come out and take care of your problem and give you more information about things you can do around your property to prevent future problems with all types of pests.

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