Spider Pest Control Services: 3 Reasons You Need Them At Your Dock

If you own a boat, then summer is probably your favorite time of year. You look forward to the warm weather because you know that as soon as the weather gets warm enough you are able to take your vessel out onto the wide-open water and enjoy the beautiful summer day with your family and friends.

However, the last thing that you want to do before you are able to enjoy a fun-filled day is removing annoying pests from your boat, and in many states, one of the most common pests you will have to deal with at the boat dock is spiders. When you plan to go out on your watercraft, you expect to be relaxed, not stressed, which is why you should consider scheduling spider pest control services for your boat dock. 

Enjoy More Time Out on the Water

If you have only a few—or maybe none at all!—spiders on your dock, you will be able to spend less time cleaning out the watercraft as you prepare for the day ahead. Instead of looking for and removing spider webs, brushing spiders out of your way, and/or locating and removing spider eggs, you will be able to get the boat stocked with snacks, gear, etc. and spend more time out on the water tubing, waterskiing, and just relaxing in the sun.

Protect Your Vessel (or Investment)

Like many other pests, spiders tend to leave behind excrement in their wake. These droppings, while small, can be a headache for a boat owner because they can stain the vessel's upholstery and painting, leaving behind unsightly marks that can be incredibly difficult to eradicate. Ideally, the most effective way to avoid damage to your boat—and protect your investment—is to schedule regular pest control service to service the dock area.

Avoid Unnecessary Injury

Most species of spiders are completely harmless, although others can still bite you and leave behind an itchy welt on your skin. Of course, there are some species that are poisonous like the Black Widow and Brown Recluse. If you were to be bitten by one of these, it would be incredibly painful and potentially fatal if not treated in time. However, with pest control services, the chances of one of these spiders being around your water vessel would be drastically reduced.

To ensure your boat dock is protected from spiders year-round, you should get in touch with a spider pest control service in your area to schedule spider treatment. For more information, contact a company like Godfather's Exterminating, Inc.