3 Things You Need To Know About Having A Bed Bug Infestation

Do you know someone who has bed bugs? Have they confided in you because they don't know what to do about the situation? While bed bugs may not be as dangerous as some critters that might be found within a home, they are nevertheless tenacious and difficult to deal with. Trying to get rid of them can cause stress and the loss of sleep. It may never be easy to get rid of these pests, but here are some things that you and your friend should know that can make the process easier:

Professional exterminator: With some types of pests, there are things you can try at home on your own before you throw in the towel and get professional assistance. This is not something you can do with bed bugs; you need to call a bed bug exterminator as soon as possible. Bed bugs are largely unaffected by most products you can buy in the store. Any efforts you make to get rid of them without professional assistance will largely be a waste of time and simply giving them a chance to increase their numbers. The sooner a professional is called in, the sooner you can be rid of the infestation.

Purchase/use storage bags: Despite their name, bed bugs will hide in more than just your bed. They may infest places like behind your baseboards or underneath outlet covers. A professional bed bug exterminator will know this and will treat the whole home as a result. Your clothes are another potential nesting site but this is one that you'll have to deal with yourself. Heat, especially the heat of a dryer, is one of the few weaknesses that bed bugs have. If you do laundry and then immediately put the clothes into air-tight zipper storage bags, you'll be eliminating any bed bugs and preventing new ones from moving in.

Disposal: Sometimes, a piece of furniture becomes so infested with bed bugs that not even a professional bed bug exterminator is able to do much about it. This is often the case with things like sofas or comfy armchairs. When this happens, it's important to know how to properly dispose of the item to prevent the bed bugs from reinfesting your home or from infesting other people. You will need to purchase large sheets/rolls of plastic and a roll of two of sturdy tape. The furniture item in question should be wrapped tightly in the plastic with plenty of overlap to prevent gaps. The seams should then be taped securely to prevent any of the bed bugs within from escaping. You are then free to use whatever disposal method works best, from calling someone to pick up the furniture item to taking it to the dump yourself. 

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