Detecting A Rodent Infestation In Your Home

Mice are not only destructive to property, but they also carry over two hundred human pathogens. Apart from affecting your health and wealth, mice are also messy and can turn your house upside down. If you notice any of the signs below, you should contact pest control services to help you eradicate the mice before they become a big problem.

Rodent Droppings 

Fresh droppings are an indicator that there is a rodent present in your home. You can find droppings around where you store your food, under sinks, and in cupboards. Most of the droppings will be seen near the rodent's nest. If the droppings are grey and dry, it means that the rodents are not close or have scattered to other places. If the dry droppings are coupled with wet ones, it is possible the rodents are not far off.

If rodents are still near the suspected area, you will notice pathways formed by their frequent movement from place to place. If you shine a light on these tracks, you will find urine stains and droppings. It is also possible to find food crumbs. If the trail appears faded, you can sprinkle powder or flour on it and hope the rodents pass by to leave a more convincing trail.

Gnaw Marks

You can also tell the presence of mice by looking for gnaw marks. Fresh gnaw marks are lighter in comparison to darker ones, which are older. A fresh gnaw mark should alert you to the presence of a mouse in your house. 

Gnaw marks will be found on doors that lead to food storage. The size of the gnaw marks on surfaces will help you determine whether you have a rat infestation or a problem with mice. Smaller gnaw marks are a sign of mice, while larger marks indicate rats.

Scratching Noises Near the Nests

If there are neither gnaw marks nor droppings, look out for other signals such as scratching noises. You may have heard nibbling or noises in the house without seeing any mice. The rattling sounds should alert you to a potential rodent infestation.

If sounds are not heard around the house, trace the location of a nest. The nest could be made of dried plants, paper, or fabric. Once you find the nest, you are most likely to have found the rodents. 

Contact a pest control company in your area to learn more about how to determine if you have rodents in your house.