3 Main HOA Pest Control Services You Should Consider

Every homeowner needs their house to be as clean and healthy as possible. Any pests within or around their homes could lead to health problems for them and their family. As an HOA manager, you don't want this to happen, as it will affect your company's reputation. That's why you need to invest in HOA pest control services. These companies will help you keep pests away from homes. This article discusses three HOA pest control services you need to consider.

Termite Inspections

Termites can cause major problems for homeowners who live in an HOA. These pests eat through wood and may go unnoticed for a long period. If they're not caught in time, they can cause serious structural damages. Any HOA that has members with wooden homes should consider termite inspections.

Professional pest control companies can conduct these inspections and help you find the termites before they cause more damage. If you notice a member's home looks like there may have been activity from these pests, contact a pest company immediately so one of their specialists can come out and inspect the house. These specialists have the latest detection equipment that enables them to locate termite-infested areas and make appropriate recommendations. If an inspection does find signs of these pests, the specialists will treat them immediately. They'll also seal up all their entry points to prevent them from coming back. This will keep the members safe and save money on repairs.

Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bugs can be a nightmare for homeowners and apartment dwellers. Although they're small, they can be difficult to eliminate from homes. They also spread like wildfire if not treated quickly and are not easy to detect because they live in mattresses, box springs, and surrounding bedroom areas. This is why you need to have a reliable HOA pest control company treat them.

Pest control professionals can eliminate these troublesome pests from homes. Their technicians are trained to inspect for signs of bed bugs and will confirm if they have been found within an HOA residence. They also use odorless treatments in areas where they don't come into contact with humans or pests. This means you don't have to worry about strong odors being left behind.

Rodent Control

Rodent control is another popular HOA pest service. While the most common types of rodents are mice and rats, some communities might also have to deal with squirrels or chipmunks. Rodents can come in through open entry areas like sewers, foundation openings, and broken window seals and quickly begin to cause damage. This can be worse if they have access to your attic. Pest control specialists can assess the inside of rodent-infested homes and set traps or poison bait stations around any entry points on the exterior. They will also block off any entry areas that they can find to help keep them from coming back in.

You should consider HOA pest control services if you manage homes in an area with a high level of pests. These professionals will get rid of them, so they don't affect the health of the occupants of homes within your association.