Just Bought A New House? Signs You Need Pest Control

Pest control is worth considering when you move into a new house because you have no idea what potential issues you might run into in your new home or how the previous owners took care of the property before you moved in.

Even if you don't see any pests around or in your new home when you move in, it's wise to have a pest control specialist come to your property and take a look anyway. Here are a few signs you need pest control done on a home you've just bought.

There are spiderwebs with insects in them

Any new home is going to have spiderwebs and cobwebs to some degree, but they shouldn't have recently-caught bugs in them. This can be a sign that you have a fly or other infestation in your home if every spiderweb you're seeing in your new property has a fresh insect in it.

Your pest control specialist can treat the inside and outside of your home, clean out your boundary line, give you peace of mind, and ensure unwanted pests don't come back in. You should have pest control services done periodically to ensure you keep pests at bay since they will never really go away completely without routine treatment.

There are nests in or around your home

An ant nest is easy to spot by the anthill of dirt above the ground. A wasp or bee nest is usually easy to spot as well. Even if you see these nests and they appear to be abandoned, there's no guarantee these nests have been treated in the past, and these pests might still be nearby. For pests that are a potential danger, like hornets and wasps, carpenter ants, or even termites, you need pest control right away. For bees and other 'helpful' pests, call a pest control specialist who can humanely remove these creatures.

There are feces in or around your home

Mice and rats leave behind noticeable feces pellets and rice-shaped brown turds in homes, garages, and on sidewalks where they nest or scurry about. Check pantries, closets, under sinks, behind appliances, and even in drawers to see if you have a rodent problem. Where you see one rodent, you will very likely see others, so you need to have pest control treat your home right away for the best results.

A pest control specialist will survey your home then treat your property as they see fit. They'll schedule a repeat visit at this time if you'd like, to ensure your pest problem is taken care of once and for all. Contact a local pest control service to learn more.