Seeing Bugs Around Your Home's Wood Foundation? Better Investigate To Ensure They Will Not Cause Damage

If you are seeing bugs around your home's wood foundation, it is important that you determine the kind of bugs you have. Some bugs are merely harmless but there are other insects that can do a lot of harm. Below are three pests that you do not want near your foundation so you can get the problem taken care of.  

Carpenter Ants

The carpenter ant is generally black and much larger than a traditional ant. The main problem with carpenter ants is they burrow through wood to make their nests. They do not actually eat the wood, however. This burrowing will cause damage over time especially if you have a lot of carpenter bees around the foundation. 

The most common place to see carpenter ants outside is on living and dead trees, tree stumps, and rotting wood. They like decayed material because it is easier for them to burrow through. If a pest control company finds carpenter ants around the foundation, they will look in these other areas of your yard also. 


Termites are the most dangerous insect you can have around your home. They can easily eat through a wood foundation. Once they do this, they will continue eating any wood they find. This can cause a lot of damage to your home. If there are a lot of termites and you do not take care of this problem, they can even cause structural damage. 

A pest control company can take care of a termite problem for you. They may spray an insecticide around the foundation to kill termites. They will also set up termite baits in different areas of your property to kill them. These baits are partially placed into the soil and attract termites to them. 

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees do not eat wood but like carpenter ants they burrow through wood to make their nests. If you have a lot of bees that make nests, this can cause damage to your wood foundation. It is not hard to see carpenter bees because they are large and black. The holes they make in the foundation are perfectly round. Fortunately, carpenter bees will not bite you. 

A pest control company can help with this problem by treating your wood foundation. Once treated, the carpenter bees will stay away. They will spray chemicals or a dust on the wood, especially on holes that have been made from the carpenter bees. 

Look into your local residential pest control services. The pest control company that you hire can tell you about more pests that you may see around your home's foundation.