Controlling The Mosquito Population In Your Yard? What You Can Do

If you have a lot of mosquitoes in your yard, they may make it difficult to be outside after dark, or just even be outside at all. These pests will feed off of your blood, attacking you the minute you go outside, and will typically not stop until they have had their fill. They will leave you with itchy welts all over your body if you don't do what you can to protect yourself with a protective spray. Without the spray, you could end up itchy all over. Aside from spraying yourself with mosquito repellent, there are other things you can do. Read on for helpful information to use to get rid of the mosquitoes in your yard.

Spray A Pesticide

You should spray a pesticide around your yard before you are ready to go outside. Spray the pesticide according to the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging. Spray the pesticide where you plan on going outside in your yard, such as around your patio, or near a garden or porch. Spray the pesticide thoroughly and then wait for the pesticide dust to settle before you go outside. Wear a mask when spraying the pesticide to protect yourself from inhaling too much of the spray. Keep small children and pets inside when you spray the pesticide. A fogging spray can also help control the mosquitoes in your yard. You can also hire a pest control professional to help you spray your yard and control the mosquito population that you have as well.

Empty Standing Water

Get rid of any standing water around the exterior of your home, including in flowerpots, and in other areas that may be able to hold the water. Standing water is where mosquitoes can lay their eggs and will multiply like crazy in your yard. Empty all of the standing water that you have in your yard and grade your yard if you have standing water in the yard itself. Grading the yard can help remove holes or dips in the yard that may be holding water.

If you have mosquitoes in your yard, it may cause a problem with you being able to get outside and enjoying your yard. You should hire a pest control expert to help you get control of these pests so you can enjoy your yard without ending up with the welts that these pests can cause you. Call a pest control service today to have your yard sprayed for these pests.