Eliminating Your Home's Termite Problem

Termite infestations are some of the most severe pest problems a home can experience. The amount of structural damage these insects can cause is considerable. As part of treating this infestation, a professional can help you evaluate the numerous treatment and prevention options for your house.

Baiting The Termites

Baiting termites is one way of ridding your home and yard of them. Placing bait stations in strategic areas in the house and yard can attract termites. After finding the bait, the termites will carry the bait back to the nest. This strategy will reduce the termite population, but it may take some time to neutralize the entire colony. Since these substances are in bait stations, there will be a lower risk of pets or children coming into direct contact with them.

Eliminating The Termites With Heat Treatments

Heat treatments may be a potential remedy if a homeowner wants to avoid harmful chemicals. Radiant heat penetrating the infested areas can effectively kill off the destructive pests. Furthermore, the heat can neutralize any eggs that the termites have laid, which can stop the problem from returning once the eggs hatch. In addition to being a highly effective termite extermination option, heat treatments are also environmentally friendly. Heat treatments are suitable for the vast majority of surfaces. However, the intense heat required means you will have to vacate the house for the duration of this treatment.

Applying Boric Acid To Neutralize Termites

Boric acid is another treatment for a home with a termite issue. Applying a boric acid mixture around the infected area can reduce the population of any termites or other pests. While boric acid is highly effective against pests, it is safe for plants, pets, and people. The most effective option for applying boric acid is to mix it with water and evenly spray it over the infested area. This application is needed every few months to prevent future termite problems.

Installing A Physical Termite Barrier

After eliminating the termite problem, installing a physical termite barrier can make it less likely for this problem to return. Creating a physical barrier in the soil can stop termites from tunneling into your home. Ideally, the termite barrier must be installed around the entire perimeter of the house, and it will need to be deep enough to prevent the termite from tunneling under it. A professional termite control professional can oversee the installation of this barrier. These contractors can avoid common barrier installation mistakes, such as gaps or being too shallow, that could prevent the termite barrier from being effective. 

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