Stopping A Silverfish Problem And Avoiding Future Infestations

If you currently have noticed an abundance of silverfish living inside your home, you want to take action to eliminate them. Follow these steps to eradicate a silverfish infestation and stop them from using your home as a nesting ground.

Remove Silverfish With Homemade Traps

There are a few trapping methods that work well at eliminating silverfish using household materials. Wrap a piece of masking or electrical tape around a mason jar and place a small piece of bread or a bit of flour inside of the container. Set it in an area where silverfish were noticed previously. The insects will climb the taped surface to obtain the bait, but they will be unable to climb back out since the interior of the jar is too smooth to do so. Another trapping method is to roll up a magazine or newspaper and secure the ends with rubber bands. Spray the paper to moisten it and set it in an area where silverfish lurk. Simply toss the paper after a day or two and replace it with a new one to trap more insects.

Consider Using Pest Control Products

Over-the-counter roach-killing agents work well at eliminating silverfish. Be sure to follow the packaging directions and keep the agent far from pets or children when using it. Alternately, sprinkle diatomaceous earth in areas where silverfish have been known to congregate. This substance is safe to use around people and pets. The small particles of this agent can dry the exoskeletons of many insects, causing death. Allow the powder to sit for a day or two and then vacuum it from your floors. If you prefer a professional approach, contact a commercial pest control service in your area to treat your home and property. 

Prevent Silverfish From Returning 

It is wise to have yearly inspections of your home conducted by a pest control service. They look for signs of insect infestations and use appropriate methods to treat your home as needed. Silverfish prefer areas that are dark and moist. Repair any plumbing problems in your home and use a dehumidifier to keep the air dry. Silverfish also enjoy nesting in paper items. Avoid stacking books, newspapers, or magazines on your floors or flush against your walls. Instead, place them inside plastic storage tubs. Perform routine cleaning sessions of your home to keep these insects from harboring themselves in unseen locations. Using scented oils such as lavender or clove also aids in keeping silverfish from taking up residence in a home.

For more information about commercial pest control, contact a local company.