Detecting A Rodent Infestation In Your Home

Mice are not only destructive to property, but they also carry over two hundred human pathogens. Apart from affecting your health and wealth, mice are also messy and can turn your house upside down. If you notice any of the signs below, you should contact pest control services to help you eradicate the mice before they become a big problem. Rodent Droppings  Fresh droppings are an indicator that there is a rodent present in your home.

Raccoon Raucous: Do You Have A Raccoon Infestation?

When most homeowners think of pest control, they think of dealing with things like bed bugs, cockroaches, and termites. However, pest control is about a lot more than just those insects. For example, if you have a raccoon problem in your home, it's important that you reach out to a local pest control company right away. Raccoons can do a significant amount of damage to your home and can leave waste that may actually harbor diseases and other issues.

Avoid The Problems: Why You Should Hire A Pest Control Service Right Away

If you haven't hired a pest control service yet, you might be putting yourself, and your home, at risk for some serious problems. Pests can pose problems that go beyond the ordinary nuisance, which is why you need a pest control service to keep them away. Here are just four of the reasons you owe it to yourself to hire a pest control service today.  Avoid Pest-Related Property Value Depreciation

How To Know When To Call Pest Control Services

No one likes dealing with pests in their home. However, you can usually get rid of most of these critters yourself. If you, for example, see a centipede crawling on your wall, you can just spray it with bug spray. However, not all pest problems can be solved without professional intervention.  Here are a few signs you need to call pest control services promptly. There Are Dangerous Pests in Your Home

How to Keep Roaches Out of Your Outdoor Kitchen

Whether you realize it or not, you probably take certain steps that keep cockroaches away. You keep your food in sealed containers. You take the trash outside every day or two, and you wash dishes promptly rather than letting them sit in the sink. But what about your outdoor kitchen? How can you keep cockroaches from invading that space since no walls are surrounding it? Here are a few tips.