Having Your Home Inspected For Pests And Setting Up A Prevention Plan

No one likes bugs or insects in their home but depending on where you live there are some that are harder to keep out than others. If you are having a problem with insects in your home finding a local pest control or extermination service is the first step. In some cases, a small, local pest control company may offer better service than one that is very large because they know what kinds of insects are a problem in your area.

Identifying A Mouse Problem In Your Home And How To Evict The Pests

Mice are pests that can hide so well in your home that you may not even know that you have a problem until it's a really big problem. A mouse may look cute and harmless, but add his entire family and all of his friends and that harmless mouse turns into a health issue for you and your family. Mice carry diseases and fleas, and can leave behind messes wherever they go, which can leave bacteria behind in areas such as pantries or food prep areas.

Does Cheese Really Work As Bait For Mice?

Mice love cheese. Or, at least, that's what centuries of storytelling and popular culture have told us. So it's no wonder that cheese is a common bait of choice for many homeowners looking to tackle their mouse problem. However, a perfectly laid trap baited with a slice of cheese may not be as effective as you'd think. The following takes a look at this pervasive pest control myth, as well as what mice are really attracted to.

How To Get Rid Of Spider Mites On Indoor Plants

If your houseplants have yellowish or white spotting or spider webbing, it could be spider mites. Spider mites are arachnids, but they aren't actually spiders. These insects measure 1 mm, and they prefer the underside of leaves so that you won't see them with bare eyes.  In fact, you likely won't see them until they cause obvious damage to the plant. Luckily you can treat the infestation yourself by following these tips.

3 Reasons To Call Pest Control For Your Bug Problem

If you are in a home where bugs are a big issue, then this can often make the home seem unlivable to you. Most humans are not comfortable cohabitating with bugs and they instead want the bugs outside where they belong. While getting rid of these bugs on your own may seem impossible, it can be done with the help of a pest control service. This type of service specializes in not only getting rid of your bugs, but keeping them away.